Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged Infrastructure
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A hyper-converged infrastructure system refers to an operational structured system which is immensely sofware-defined with securly integrated compute, networking, storage and virtualization resources. The software identified storage consumes all of local storage across the cluster and configures it as a single storage area. Data process that requires to be stored locally for the fastest response while data that is used less regularly can be stored on parts of the servers that contain spare capacity.

Hyper-converged infrastructure systems are specially designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Elimination of data infrastructure silos and the requirement for individual components.
  • Data operating with a single policy support.
  • Establishment of virtualization ready environment with highly streamlined scalability.
  • Transfer in management prototype from a hardware process to an application-dedicated one with centralized management, mobility and protocols at the virtual machine level (VML).
  • Potential cost savings resulting from structured acquisition, management solutions, deployment and maintenance costs as well as minimal complexity and functional expenses.

Our well-known established hyper-converged infrastructure vendor include Nutanix which has been delivering invisible infrastructure for major upgrade enterprise computing by natively converging compute, virualization and storage into a turnkey hyperconverged solution over years.

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